• “A multigenerational dream of crafting quality spirits…”

    For Head Distiller Johannes Irnich, learning the power of doing things well was taught to him as a youth by his grandfather who was a distiller in Germany.

    Those early teachings are evident in the company’s multi-generational dream of crafting quality spirits. The lessons learned at a young age helped Johannes develop a belief in his ability to craft something special and to set out a path for himself that would combine hard work, creativity and passion to create an enduring legacy of quality spirits.

  • Unearthed in Alberta

    While deciding on a name that would encapsulate the essence of the company’s quality spirits, the Irnich family visited hallowed ground in Alberta’s Badlands and came face to face with the famous Black Beauty T-Rex skeleton located at the Royal Tyrell Museum.

    They were awestruck. The T-Rex conveyed to them a sense of power, strength, and enduring spirit. During that fateful visit the proverbial layers of soil, rock and dust were slowly brushed away revealing a perfectly preserved dream-turned-idea, and the T-Rex Distillery name was born. From that day the family began to excavate more Made-In-Alberta ideas for its products like The Herbivore gin, Sabertooth rye and the Raptor line of rum.

  • Quality and Sustainability

    Down through the generations, from one distiller to another. The spirit of T-Rex is firmly rooted in its past while moving relentlessly into a future full of fresh ideas, new offerings and exquisite tastes.

    Though the dinosaurs are long gone, their awesomeness, their strength, and their inspiration endure through the ages and are encapsulated in the spirit of T-Rex distillery. Made here and now with locally sourced ingredients with an eye toward sustainability and infused with hard work and honesty that make a product line for every discerning human.