Contract Distilling & Bottling

Contract Distilling and Bottling

Our experienced team is ready to support your spirit project! We can help you with formulating, distilling, bottling, and distribution to bring your product to market as quickly as possible.

We can offer you:

  • A state of the art bottling operation, capable of custom production runs of up to 250,000+ cases annually. With minimum orders as low as 2 pallets.
  • Ability to fill a wide variety of bottle shapes and sizes, Glass or PET.
  • Sourcing of bottles, closures, labels, boxes, and ingredients.
  • Production/bottling of distilled spirits such as Vodka, Rum, Whisky, Gin, Absinth, and more.
  • An experienced master distiller, able to create your desired flavour formulation or match your existing specifications.
  • Quality assurance and laboratory testing.
  • Assistance with distribution and shipping.
  • Located 2min from the Alberta ConnectLogistics Warehouse.

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